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Featured: 5 reasons why Stonebwoy is better than Shatta wale

  Dr. Fusion       4.02.2018

Over the past weeks , people have tried to prove who is the best among the most followed dance hall musicians in the country. Here are the five main reasons why stonebwoy is better than shatta wale.
1. BET award nominee : stonebwoy has been nominated to the inter nationally recognized award which has place him way above his competitor Shatta Wale. This clearly shows that Shatta is just a local champion and not highly recognized internationally .
2. Lyrically : listening to both sides , you can clearly realize the lyrical content of Stonebwoy’s music but that doesn’t actually come to play when talking about Shatta Wale who in his freedom hit ju uses only two words which were meaningless. This cleary shows how good Stonebwoy is lyrically.
3. Grammy’s : I know most people will disagree but this is the gospel truth. Comparing  Stonebwoy who is a BET and a Grammy nominee to Shatta  who is unlikely to get there in his entire music carrier if he continue doing what he always does.
4.Responsibly : we all know Stonebwoy is calm and responsible than Shatta Wale . I  came to this conclusion base on their utterances and their responses to matters as and when they arise . As the Bible stated; ” by their fruits you shall know them ” judge them yourselves.
5.Billboard : Am yet to hear of any of shatta’s song appear on the billboard chart unlike Stonebwoy whose songs are  constantly appearing now and then on the billboard chart. Well let’s wait and see  perhaps the SM King will one day get there.


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